Q. Is selling Avon a scam?  
A: No

Q. Can I make money Selling Avon?
A. Yes

Q: How much does it cost to sell Avon?

A: The kits cost $10 to sign up locally face to face or $20 to sign up online. The difference between the two is the cost of shipping the kit to your home. You will receive everything you need to get started with Avon, including:
o 10 brochures for your current campaign
o 10 brochures for your next campaign
o One box of product Samples
o 1 order book
o Training Materials
o A tote bag

Q: How much money can I make selling Avon?

A: For your first campaign you will earn 50% commission when you place your order online. For your Second, Third, and Fourth campaigns, you will earn 50% commission provided your orders are greater than $50, and you place your orders online. After your first four campaigns, the commission structure is as follows:
Order Size Earnings
$1550 or more 50%
$900 - $1549 45%
$425 - $899 40%
$285 - $424 35%

$145 - $284 30%
$25 - $144 20%
As a David McConnell Member which is product sales of over $66,500 you would make about $30,000 a yr.

If you go into leadership as an Executive Unit Leader you could make approximately $56,000 a yr.

Senior Executive Leaders make about $134,000 a year. Combining leadership with sales is the best way to make good money with Avon.

If you make President's Club which is sales of $10,100 in a year you are guaranteed a 40% commission each campaign regardless of the order size from the time you make PC and the whole next selling cycle.

It is possible to make good money with Avon if you work your business and run it like a business but its not going to happen overnight. 

Q: How Does AVON work? What is a campaign? How do I get paid selling Avon?
A: You take orders from family, friends and coworkers etc.each campaign. A campaign is the selling period for each brochure and lasts 2 weeks. At the end of the campaign you submit the order to AVON. You are billed the discounted price. The customers pay the full brochure price. You submit payment to Avon before the placing the next order. The difference between the two is your pay!

Q: What do I need to start selling Avon? Do I have to buy anything to sell Avon?

A: As an Avon independent sales representative you own your own business. You are responsible for purchases the things necessary such as brochures, samples, basic office supplies etc. You get brochures in your kit to start. After that you must purchase them, the more you buy the less they cost.
pack # of brochures cost each total
10 brochures $5.75
20 brochures $7.95
30 brochures $10.20
40 brochures $12.10
50 brochures $13.00
60 brochures $14.25
70 brochures $15.45
80 brochures $16.75
90 brochures $17.90
100 brochures $19.00
11 or more packs: $19.00 (for first 10 packs)
+ $1.30 for each additional pack

You will receive some samples in with your starter kit ( I only got one box of 10 samples) but for samples you want to purchase it will cost between $1.00 and $2.00 for a pack of 10 samples.

Q: Do I have to keep any inventory on hand when I sell Avon?
A: At Avon, you are never required to keep a stock of products on hand. It's nearly impossible to predict what your customers will order and do not suggest stocking up.

Q: What will be my main products when I sell Avon?
A: Avon sells skincare products, cosmetics, perfume, mens shaving products, shampoo, toy's, shoes,
jewelery, exercise equipment, underwear, purses, watches, dishes and more. I would concentrate on selling skincare and makeup, you make a bigger commission on those items.

Q: Am I required to place an order every campaign when I sell Avon?
A: No, its not required but its advisable to at least order the brochures so you are able to show your customers the current sales and the latest products. To stay active you need to place an order every two or three campaigns even if it is a small order.

Q: Do I have to attend meetings when I sell Avon?
A: You do not have to attend but I highly recommend it. Avon offers extensive on-line training that you access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to enhance your business. Your District Sales Manager, or the Avon Representative who referred you to this site, may hold group meetings in your area designed to share product training or program incentives. If so, you will be contacted in advance.

Q: Do I have to have parties when I sell Avon?
A: You are not required to have any parties. However, many Representatives find group selling to be a very lucrative way to sell more products, broaden their customer base, and build their network marketing organization. If you do choose to participate in group selling, Avon offers various training and support materials to assist you. That's the beauty of Avon you decide how to run your business.

Q: Is it hard to sell Avon?

A: Avon is one of the best known brands in the world, which makes it easy to sell. It has quality products at affordable prices. There is something for everyone!

Q: How much does the average Avon customer order ?
A: The average order size is approximately $25.

Q: Are there quotas to meet selling Avon?
A. There are no quotas to meet selling Avon, but you do need to place an order every 2 or 3 campaigns to stay active. The size of the order does not matter.

Q. Do I have to pay shipping selling Avon?
A. There is a $2.50 fee for each order placed but you do not have to pay shipping.

Q: Am I required to recruit people selling Avon?
A: There are no recruiting requirements. Many people join and only sell Avon. If someone contacts you about joining you just refer them to Avon or your DM and you can receive a $20 referral bonus.

Q: Do I need to file Income Tax selling Avon?
A: Avon is not required to send in your name or SS# unless you make more than $5000 a year. You will need to contact an accountant for info on filing for taxes.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to sell Avon?
A: There is a contract to sign, but it is only to state that you agree to the terms and conditions of being a representative. There is no time limit on the contract, and there is no fee or penalty to ending your relationship with AVON.

Q: What happens after I sign up to sell Avon?
A: In a few easy steps, you can become an Avon Representative and start your own business. Shortly after you sign up, you should be able to go online, explore the product line, and start your training. You may also build your personal website to sell products to customers and manage your business. Within the next few days, the person who talked to you about the Avon opportunity will follow up and offer you additional personal training opportunities to ensure that you get your business off to a successful start.

Q: What do I need to do if I decide I do not want to sell Avon anymore?
A: You just need to pay off your account and/or return any items you have for credit an notify Customer Service or your District Manager and let them know.

Q: What is the Avon 90 day business plan?

Watch a video about Selling Avon Click Here 

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  1. Thank you this was VERY helpful info!!! :)

  2. I agree, it answered all the questions I had before making up my mind. VERY helpful.

  3. Do I have to pay the taxes to the gov. that I charge my customers??

  4. Avon will charge you the sales tax and pay them to the government for you. You need to charge the customers in order to reimburse yourself so that you don't lose money.

    If you have other questions, you can go to my website at or email me at

  5. Where can I sign up online??

  6. When do I get paid?

  7. So customers order products, you pay that bill, then receive products that need to be distributed to customers and then they pay you amount of product and you keep the money? Sorry, I am just confused.

  8. This is a great article! However, some of the information is out-of-date. You can sign up to sell Avon by going to and entering reference code: ESEAGREN. It's only $10 to start. I also have updated information about selling Avon on my website:

  9. For only $10, you can sign up to sell Avon and start today by going to - - and entering reference code: RITZY60. I also have updated information about selling Avon on my website:

  10. You have to sell at least $50.00 worth of product to receive any commission.

  11. Laurie-Ann Posthuma, Avon RepresentativeJuly 30, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    This is great information, thank you! I'm proud to be an Avon Representative, and I love my customers. If you are considering selling Avon, you're in great company. :) Visit my site and let me know if you have any questions!

  12. You can apply quickly and easily at this URL: and then click the 'believe' icon on the left. At the next screen fill in the 'request information' form. This will take you to the online application. If you choose this route you will have access to all my experience and help when needed.

  13. Where do I go to join Avon? Text or call 559)519-0905 Krystle :)

  14. When you sell Avon an they ask send me the difference of what you made

  15. why do i have to use my ssc,id, credit card and dl to sell avon

  16. need ans so many scam out their

    1. You need it because you are applying for it. Its an application that you need to fill out for the "job" you are doing. Go to and enter reference code : diana12 ... Join my team :)

  17. How do you get paid? Does avon mail you a check?

    1. You can get mailed a check for your team commissions. You can also get direct deposit. For more details, cal or text me at: 404-587-7131/
      Right now, you can get started for only $10, but the price will increase to $15 soon. TO start go to: and use Reference code: colettaredd

      I am here to help you with anything and will be happy to have you join my team!

  18. I am in Spring Teas and want to become a rep today. I have not heard from any local reps. Anyone wanna help me out?

    1. Please call or text me! 781.656.5254

  19. Awesome article! A little out of date since now it is only $10 to sign up to sell. If you are interested in becoming an Avon Representative, you can contact me! 864.616.9082 or email me at Thanks!

    Caroline Szenfeld
    Avon Unit Leader

  20. you can sign up online and start today!

  21. I have an AWESOME team and I know what it takes to help you make money with AVON. If you're interested in being on a team where you have someone to help you along the way then email me at or go to and enter the reference code: svelasco AVON WILL MAKE YOU MONEY!!! I have been very very successful!

  22. yeah lets all spam the wall with our links and say join me i have a thriving business i'm a leader i'm the best. wonder if that's what you all teach your team mates as duplication. LOL

  23. I'm 16 & im a avon representative and if you guys want to join avon please contact me (: 623-237-2238

  24. I live in NJ and want to become an Avon Rep. How do I get started? Please contact me at

  25. The deed is done. It is officially $15 to join AVON; however, it is still a small amount to pay when you do not to carry inventory, the rent for your building is less than $500 a year and the pay structure is more lucrative than some of the other companies out there. or

  26. I have just joined avon. And have changed my mind anout it. So I havent yet made an order. Am I going to be charged at all?

  27. If you have paid your appointment fee, thats it. If you dont order in three campaigns, you will be de-activated. After six campaigns, if you opted to come back, you would need to start from the beginning, new fee, possibly new upline, new length of association. If you dont mind, what happened to your excitement?